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Mature content
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 25 :iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 5 2
The Legend of the Wisp. Chapter 24
WARNINGS: Scenes suggestive of adult scenarios. One swear word.
"Jack are you ok?"
"Come on Frosty, wake up."
Something wet and slobbery licked the side of his face, and the smell of fish wafted over him.
Jack groaned and blinked open his eyes. Sunlight hit the back of his retinas and he squinted in pain as his eyes adjusted. Bringing his arm up to shield his eyes from the light, he slowly sat up and got his bearings.
He was lying on the deck of the ship; Rapunzel, Hiccup, Merida and Toothless all gathered around him anxiously. It was sweltering hot and the sun was beating down on them, causing sweat to bead on his forehead.
He raised his head at the sound of the sails flapping above him and he realised the ship was sailing on the open sea once more – no sign of darkness or shadows anywhere.
"What – what happened?" he croaked, reaching out to pat Toothless' nose which was currently sniffing his hand.
"Pitch let us go." Merida replied. "He just disappeared and next t
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 6 3
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 23
The sun was shining, Jack was 7 and he was playing in the royal gardens.
"Prince Jack! Where are you? It's time for dinner! We're having dapple lumplings! I mean, apple dumplings! Your favourite!"
Jack giggled and crouched down further behind one of the rose bushes, staying hidden from his mother's advisor.
"There you are you little rascal!"
Suddenly he was grabbed from behind and, squealing with laughter, was lifted into the air and throw over a larger man's shoulder.
"Dad!" he cried. "Put me down!"
"What's that? Dad you say? Hmmm nope you can't be my son. My son was supposed to be clean and ready for dinner 30 minutes ago. Since you're all covered in mud I can only assume you must be the gardener's boy."
He placed Jack on the floor in front of him and gave him a stern look, but the twinkle in his eye showed Jack he wasn't really serious.
Jack gave him a sheepish grin. "Sorry Dad."
"You do realise you've had all seven of your mother's advisors tearing their beards out? They thought th
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 6 5
Elsa Silhouette by skies-of-blue Elsa Silhouette :iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 6 1
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 22
Warning: one swear word.
The figure was slim and tall - at least a foot taller than either Jack or Hiccup. His skin was grey and he wore floor length robes of black which seemed to be woven out of the shadows around him. As he moved they would blur and twist at the edges, making it hard to see where they began and the shadows ended. His features were sharp and regal, but what immediately drew everyone's attention were his eyes.
They were a piercing gold that seemed to flicker to a sickly yellow as he observed them. His gaze pinned them to the deck and no one could move.
A deadly quiet had fallen on the ship. No more cries from the crew could be heard, no sound or sight of any movement. It was like they were frozen in a drop of time, surrounded by black, eternal darkness.
A sudden gasp from Rapunzel caused the others to jolt out of their frozen state and they reached for her in concern as she clutched at her chest. The reason for her reaction quickly became clear as, in horror, they wat
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 4 4
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 21
The crew hadn't been happy about their intended route to Agrabah but since there was nothing else for it they kept their complaints to mutters and superstitious grumblings.
Merida was lucky her crew was so loyal – had they been lesser men there could well have been attempted mutiny, so great was the fear the Realm of Shadows inspired in those who knew of it.
There had still been no sign of Mordu attempting to follow them so the pirates had allowed themselves to relax in that regard, but there was still an unspoken tension in the air about what they might yet have to face.
Aware that they had no idea how long it might take to get through the Realm of Shadows to Agrabah on the other side (provided they made it through at all) Merida made sure the ship was sailing its swiftest and they eventually reached the edge of it in just under a week.
It was impossible to miss – a towering wall of black smog seemed to float on the ocean, stretching for miles and miles. The sunlight had n
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 4 3
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 20
Warnings: mentions of blood
The second her friends had stepped onto Mordu's ship, Rapunzel had watched them like a hawk. Her position in the crow's nest allowed her a much better view that the crew below her, who were unable to see anything over the side of the larger ship since it rose higher that their own.
The crow's nest put her on a level that was about two thirds up the larger ship's main sail – meaning she could spy on the occurrences happening below whilst still being relatively obscured from view. She strained her ears to hear what was going on, only catching the odd word if the wind happened to bring it to her. Apart from that she was mainly left to guess what was happening by their body language.
She tensed when Mordu leaned forward to touch Merida's cheek and nearly squealed in anxious fright when Toothless snapped at the Prince's hand, but despite the obvious tension during the whole proceeding it seemed to go well. She finally allowed herself a sigh of relief as her
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 4 2
Mature content
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 19 :iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 3 3
Mature content
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 18 :iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 5 1
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 17
The afternoon sun was beating down on them and the taste of salt was sharp on everyone's lips. Hiccup squinted at the sky slightly as he judged his position, sword balanced in his hand and both feet (or foot and stump) planted firmly as he automatically compensated for the swaying of the ship. He was a little hot in the leather armour he had donned for the fight, but heat never really bothered him and there was a fresh sea breeze that offered a little relief.
A number of the crew had startled to trickle back on deck under the pretence of doing various duties, though he knew it was really because they were only curious about the upcoming "training match" between him and Rapunzel. They had wisely vacated the area during her previous training with Merida in fear of becoming accidental pincushions.
He grinned to himself as he remembered how one of Rapunzel's stray arrows nearly took out a man in the crows nest, despite the target being right in front of her. Merida was a surprisingly patie
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 4 1
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 16
Author notes:
WARNINGS – The odd swear word and mentions of abuse.
Merida leant forwards; both elbows on her desk and chewing distractedly on her thumb nail as she thought about where to start.
Hiccup moved behind her to place a comforting hand on her shoulder and she looked up at him gratefully. This was going to be a hard story to tell for both of them.
Sighing, she slumped back in her chair.
"I guess the first thing to say is perhaps the most obvious: I wasn't always a pirate. In fact you and I have a lot more in common that you might think."
"Your hair doesn't light up too does it?" Rapunzel asked, eyeing the fiery curls cautiously.
"No." Merida chuckled. "The truth is – back where I'm from, I'm actually a Princess too."
Rapunzel stared at her for a moment, dumbstruck.
"You're kidding me."
"I know she doesn't look the princess type, but it's true." Jack grinned. "If you think about it, all the clues are there – think about how much she is used to bossing people ar
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 5 3
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 15
Hiccup sat sideways on his bed, feet resting on the floor as he stared dejectedly at the wall opposite. Toothless had followed him below deck and was currently curled up by his feet, taking up most of the floor space in his attempt to get as close to him as possible.
The dragon looked up at him and gave a comforting whine. Hiccup looked down and gave him a gentle scratch on the ears before sighing. "What am I going to do bud?"
Toothless rolled his eyes and looked pointedly at his human friend.
"I can't tell her! You must have been on the eels again because you're talking crazy." He stood and began pacing the room distractedly in what little room was left, before throwing his arms up in despair.
"What am I supposed to say? Hi there Captain Merida, you remember me your first mate Hiccup? Well you know how you've spent your whole life trying to escape from arranged marriages and even now we are fleeing from a maniac intent on marrying you unless we can bribe him with some mystical
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 4 3
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 14
The next morning found Jack hanging from the rigging, watching the sun rise. He breathed in deeply, revelling in the smell of the sea and the cool air against his face. He didn't think he would ever be tired of it.
He stretched his aching muscles, still sore from numerous hours of swabbing the deck. Merida's revenge for his previous misdemeanours had been to a) give him the early morning shift and b) get him to clean the entire deck since Toothless had interrupted previous attempts at cleaning it earlier that day.
He knew he'd had it coming but he couldn't help but wish that she'd picked some other form of punishment. Being a night owl, he hated the morning shift. He could never fall asleep early, so he'd only napped for a couple of hours before Hiccup came back to wake him. Trying to wash and then dry the deck without the warming rays of the sun to help had been particularly evil – though he couldn't help but feel a twinge of satisfaction as the dark wood of the ship seem
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 6 1
The Legend of the Wisp. Chapter 13
Jack heard the door close behind him as he ushered Rapunzel back out onto the deck. He knew Merida and Hiccup would want to talk about this latest development – he had seen that ‘look’ pass between them; the one that made him feel like he was intruding on a private moment.
Though he had known them both for a good number of years now, Merida and Hiccup had known each other longer. There was a strong bond between them that could never be replicated with anyone else, no matter how close a friend Jack was to them both. At times this made Jack feel a little lonely, but he supposed that if their relationship was heading the way he thought it was heading, then it was probably not a relationship he would want to duplicate with either of them anyway. He grinned to himself.  
Suddenly he felt a sharp pinch on his ear.
“Ow! What was that for?!”
“Well I tried calling your name three times already but that wasn’t working. You’re pulling me
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 7 4
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 12
"You're pirates?!"
The crew was still, their previous laughter at Jack's predicament fading into tense silence as they realised their secret was out. Not that anyone had expected to hide it forever, but the plan had been that they would be a bit further out to sea first.
Rapunzel spun round to face Jack and poked him accusingly in the chest.
"You're PIRATES?!" she repeated, sounding betrayed.
He looked over her shoulder for help from his friends, but Hiccup and Merida merely gave him a look that said "It's your mess, you fix it!"
"I – er – well..."
"I can't believe you didn't tell me!"
A look of irritation flashed across Jack's previous sheepish face. "Well hang on, it's not like you were completely upfront with your identity either Princess!"
"Woah, woah wait - Princess?" Merida interrupted, holding up her hand to halt the argument.
"Yeah small world isn't it Mer?" Jack smirked over Rapunzel's shoulder.
"How come you didn't say you were royalty?" Merida asked her.
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 4 5
The Legend of the Wisp Chapter 11
The moon was slowly being enveloped by clouds and Rapunzel and Jack soon found themselves plunged into darkness as they clung to the shadows of the cliff.  Though on the one hand this helped them to disappear more thoroughly, on the other hand Rapunzel could barely see where she was going.
Rapunzel could feel her heart thudding in her chest as they crept silently along the sand. It was a bit unnerving having Jack walk behind her since he was so quiet you could hardly tell he was there.
She tried looking over her shoulder at him but it was so dark by this point that she could only make out his vague shape moving stealthily behind her, his head turned to keep watch over his shoulder. “How does he avoid tripping over when he’s not even looking where he is going?” she wondered. If she wasn’t so worried they would be discovered she would be tempted to stop suddenly and see if he realized.
She stretched her hands out in front of her, feeling with her feet
:iconskies-of-blue:skies-of-blue 6 4


Quiet study by Morloth88 Quiet study :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 426 244 Park Reading by Morloth88 Park Reading :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 609 431 Sanctuary by Morloth88 Sanctuary :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 514 172 Too many Goodbyes by Morloth88 Too many Goodbyes :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 417 202 What's in a name by Morloth88 What's in a name :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 556 295 Word for word by Morloth88 Word for word :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 650 475 Time To Vote by Morloth88 Time To Vote :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 587 423 Love Aid by Morloth88 Love Aid :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 447 247 New arrivals by Morloth88 New arrivals :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 547 343 42 by Morloth88 42 :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 638 589 Handy literature by Morloth88 Handy literature :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 601 419 By Proxy by Morloth88 By Proxy :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 550 273 Work it by Morloth88 Work it :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 575 343 Formation by Morloth88 Formation :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 526 260 Tangled by Westling Tangled :iconwestling:Westling 1,284 32 Brave by Westling Brave :iconwestling:Westling 2,051 44



CJH Photography
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
Current Residence: England, Kent

I am currently working at Mario Photography Studios in Kent to improve on my skills and work on taking portraits as this is something I have little experience with.
I am a huge fan of fantasy and enjoy using Photo-manipulation to create fairytale images, so this can often be found mixed within my normal photographs.
There is still quite a way for me to go but with perseverance I shall get there and I plan to enjoy every moment of it along the way!


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